Carissa Reiniger’s life revolves around entrepreneurship. Originally from Canada, Carissa attended the University of Edmonton where she studied Psychology Development with a Minor in Criminology. While in college, she managed to continue her studies working four full time jobs, managing nearly 100 people, while also participating in her college’s student council.

Following college, Carissa purchased a one-way ticket to Toronto for the The Women’s Alliance annual conference.  She then started work at Inventa as an Account Manager and later transitioned to TBWA/Chiat Day where she worked in Business Development.

Carissa Reiniger quickly found out that working at a big corporation wasn’t for her. However, she did realize that she loved business development. She started attending small business conferences for networking purposes, which inspired her to start helping small business owners. These experiences led Carissa to branch out of the corporate world and into something she truly is passionate about, assisting others.

At only 22 years of age, Carissa decided to start a company that helped small business owners do something they love. She spent a year trying to figure out owners of small businesses and how they operate by conducting thorough interviews. This is what led her to the basic framework of her company, Silver Lining Limited,  and the “SLAP methodology.”

Silver Lining LTD has a five step process, which Carissa considers to be the “weight watchers for business.” There is a very structured schedule with accountability and support, along with an exceptional program to help small business owners achieve their goals.

Carissa and her company’s mission is to take small businesses with revenue between $100K and $2M a year, figure out their current business models to implement the best plan to help them grow, construct a new plan in order to get the owners to accomplish their goals, and assist them throughout the process. In only its first year, Carissa’s company brought in $1M in revenue.

Silver Lining LTD’s philosophy is to teach and then implement. The company went from a regular consulting business to offering training solutions, and just a year ago, they released their very first software product. With new initiatives and more on the horizon, Carissa Reiniger and Silver Lining LTD are still committed to customers in helping them realize their goal, with an emphasis on increasing revenue, and more importantly, profit.

Outside of Silver Lining Limited, Carissa has started and/or has ownership in a number of other smaller businesses. She’s also the Creator and Executive Producer of Stories From Our Black Books, a website that compiles real people’s relationship stories and uses them as ideas for art and entertainment. Stories From Our Black Books has produced a play that was featured across Canada, released two books, and is now working on an Off Broadway production, a documentary and live art installations.

Carissa Reiniger believes in giving back and helping others in need. She was the President of Women Entrepreneurs of Canada, Co-Chair of Nikibasika Children’s Development Project in Uganda and on the board of the New York Chapter of Entrepreneur’s Organizations. Moreover, Carissa is chairing a global initiative to assimilate philanthropy into all chapters in the Entrepreneur Organization network.



Released in 2008, this book captures lessons from Reiniger’s own growth journey as well the interviews she did with 100 additional business owners who built their businesses past 1M in revenue.

Released in 2010, this book teaches business owners how to build simple systems to get their head in the game and manage their overwhelming to do lists so that they always do what they say they will- including growing their businesses!

Released in 2013, this book tells us that we CAN change the economy one small business at a time and inspired the global movement that is on a mission to do exactly that.



Carissa is always involved in numerous initiatives to help give back. She is particularly drawn to any organization or project that supports the arts or helps children. She has been or currently is involved in a leadership capacity with the following organizations:

Small Biz Expert




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